Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Air Trumpet Your Way Into Winning Tickets To Ibrahim Maalouf's Jazz Concert

Now you can finally tell your mother that all those years of playing air guitar might actually pay off. Let's see how well you do with the air trumpet.

Staff Writer

Every true artist has spent time imagining a talent brewing inside of them before they have ever put it to work. How many times have you sang along to a favourite song, whistled a catchy tune stuck in your head, or even just went crazy playing air guitar while listening to some badass Rock and Roll music? Who needs years of music classes or instrument practice when you have ‘air' all around you - we speak from experience.

This Saturday the 19th of March, Sawt Music are teaming up with the amazingly talented Ibrahim Maalouf, who will be performing live at the pyramids. Yes, we know, we know; everyone wants to go. Ya 7aram, not enough cash on you this weekend to make it? Mfallis wi mokta2ib kaman? You really wanted to see Maalouf, didn't you? Khalas khalas, don't shed a tear. We'll come to your rescue this time - we always do, don't we. We've got five pairs of tickets - so 10 tickets in total - for the Maalouf concert this weekend, but we're not giving them away that easily. You have to work for them! But it's pretty easy - you've probably spent years honing that air guitar playing for this very moment. The competition is fun, quick, and simple. We want to see your best air trumpet performance! Take a video of your best attempt at the air trumpet, post it to Instagram tagging @cairoscene and #MaaloufinEgypt, and you can be one of five lucky winners. Have fun with it and go crazy; unleash your creativity and surprise us with something new. Just make sure your profile is public so we can see it. You have until the 17th of March to enter and winners will be announced on the 18th. Good luck!

You can find out more on their Facebook event page here or follow updates on the event on Instagram @sawtmusic.