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Almaza Bay: A Little Piece of the Caribbean in Egypt

You can check in any time you like, but you won't ever want to leave.

If there’s one thing we seem to be constantly fascinated with here at CairoScene, aside from pizza, it's the variety and uniqueness of beaches in Egypt. So when we discovered how amazing the Jaz Hotels at Almaza Bay were, we decided that as our good deed for the day, we'd let you guys in on the secret to the perfect sun-drenched holiday escape - especially now that summer is right around the corner and we're already plotting our escape from the city. 

Past Sahel and about 37 km east of Marsa Matrouh, lies the watery wonderland that is the Jaz Hotels in Almaza Bay, overlooking stunningly still and freakishly blue waters that give one the impression that we tripped and stumbled into beach heaven. They even have incredible Bali beds, delicately spaced far enough from each other (we still need to maintain our social awkwardness in peace) with overstuffed white cushions where we can finally live the bourgeois life we deserve, chilling there all day and sipping on refreshing cocktails.
Within the magical realms of Jaz Almaza Beach Resort and Jaz Crystal Resort it turns out that the bay has not two but five 5-star hotels including Jaz Oriental Club, Jaz Oriental Resort, Almazino – each of them being more gorgeous than the other. The hotels are fancier than you can handle – with plush and modern rooms, state of the art gym facilities, tasteful architecture, amazing food and best of all, unbridled access to the beach. You know, the beach we just can't stop enthusing about because of the fact that is absolutely amazeballs and makes us feel like we’re in the Caribbean-but-we’re-not-because-it’s-even-better? Yep, that one.
The five Jaz Hotels in Almaza Bay provide a whole array of daring and family-friendly water sports and activities, making sure that there's a little something for everyone. The resort offers everything from kite-surfing to jet skiing to canoeing, if you're looking for some aquatic exertion. Or, you can stay above the water and just enjoy beach football, volleyball and get your strength on with tennis! Or you can just sit in a Bali bed for eight hours straight. That's an option too.
But we swear to sushi their beach is nothing short of a little slice of heaven. Speaking of sushi, or food in general, the five Jaz Hotels in Almaza Bay operate operate five à la carte restaurants, so if you’re craving Mediterranean cuisine (Morgana), Oriental cuisine (Sofra), or seafood (Corallo), you’re covered and you don’t have to travel all the way back to Cairo to make sure you’re getting quality dishes and wine.One of the best things about Jaz Hotels in Almaza Bay is that they provide entertainment for kids just as well as adults - because sometimes, grown-up time is really necessary for your sanity. So while we’re off getting a massage at mividaspa, their signature spa brand, we can just send off our bratty nieces and nephews to get lost, err, distracted at their amphitheater where there are regular animation teams taking care of the little demon darlings. The resort has various themed-nights, like Oriental and Italian, with entertainment that ranges from belly dancing competitions to folk performances - and if neither strikes your fancy, head over to their open-air club and dance the night away till the wee hours of sunrise.

It seems like we’re not the only ones who recognise Jaz Hotels' value because legendary composer Omar Khairat himself stayed there right before his concert in Sahl Heneish.Escape the chaos and responsibilities that constitute city life. And if you're on the hunt for the ultimate 'It' spot that has it all - the five Jaz Hotels in Almaza Bay just became our new favourite. With their Maldives-like waters, insane water sports and unforgettable dinning, it seems like reaching a whole new level of bliss never seemed more doable in our summer home away from home. Also, you guys, it basically looks like heaven on earth and what kind of person passes up heaven on earth?

You can check out their Facebook page and website or follow them on Instagram @jazcollectionegypt.