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Eh el sheyaka deh! Amici Heliopolis announces that ex-La Bodega head chef Nader Emil will now be cooking up a storm in their kitchen. We talk to the man to find out more about his culinary style...

Everyone knows that Amici has always had a focus on its delectable cocktails but now they're pulling a rabbit out of the hat with their latest culinary hire. A chef's hat to be exact, and that rabbit will probably be cooked along with some oregano and spices.

La Bodega's head chef Nader Emil has been snapped up by Amici founder and restaurateur Rawy Rizk. And let's just say, that's no rizk! The chef has been delighting the  taste buds of La Bodega's hungry crowds for years and will now be bringing his culinary offerings to the swanky setting of Amici Heliopolis. We caught up with the tall white hat wearing chef to find out more about what's he's bringing to the table at Amici...

What is your favourite meal to cook at home?
My daughters love both light and unusual foods, so we have many varieties like fish, sweet and sour fried rice and pizza.
What is your culinary concept coming into Amici?
Because Amici is a rising place, its management enjoys creativity and they look for the best quality which is my most important goal in kitchen.
What are you like in the kitchen with your staff?
My staff and I must be one group and I always accept all new and useful suggestions for work, and that have a great impact in the annual evaluation.
Where do you source your ingredients?
We adopt the best existing ingredients Egyptian or import them to achieve the best quality.
What would you say Amici's specialty dish is going to be?
There's many special plates at Amici, and we'll be focusing on international cuisine. Some things to look out for are the Chicken Thailand from the Asian kitchen and the Veal Nourmand from the French kitchen.

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