Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Amr Youssef to Play Khaled Bin Al Walid in New Historical Ramadan Series

Our favourite heartthrob is back to our TV screens!

Staff Writer

Amr Youssef is confirmed to be playing the role of Khaled Bin Al-Walid as the lead in next year's historical Ramadan series, which will depict the story of the war legend and companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

Amr Youssef is among the biggest Egyptian stars and heartthrobs as of late. He's best known for his performance as 'Tayea' in the 2018 series among other uber-popular works, including Grand Hotel, Awlad Rezk and Hepta.

Youssef's next role will take him to another level, due to its tremendous historical significance. As an army commander under both Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab, Khaled Bin Al-Walid was famous for winning every battle he partook in. He was considered one of the greatest warriors and military generals in history, earning him the title 'Saif-ullah', which translates to 'the Sword of Allah'. It was also under Al-Walid's military leadership that Arabia was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate, for the first time.

The TV series is already starting to generate quite a buzz and will be directed by Raouf Abdelaziz, written by Islam Hafez and produced by Synergy Productions.