Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Ancient Alcoholics?

A 3,000 year old tomb recently unearthed in Luxor shows that not only did ancient Egyptians enjoy beer, but they had brewmasters and alcohol experts.

Staff Writer

Boozy ancient Egyptians knew how to party and even employed a beer expert to keep their glasses topped up, a study claims. Archeology buffs have discovered a tomb belonging to an Egyptian brewmaster, tasked with keeping thirsty Pharaohs tanked in ancient times. The 3,000 year old tomb was unearthed by Japanese archaeologists in Luxor on Friday.

Minister of Antiquities, Mohammad Ibrahim, said the tomb dates back to the Ramesside period and belongs to the chief "maker of beer for gods of the dead" who doubled-jobbed as the head of a warehouse He also claimed that the walls of the tomb's chambers contain "fabulous designs and colors, reflecting details of daily life along with their religious rituals."

Head of the dig Jiro Kondo added: "The tomb was discovered during work near another tomb belonging to a statesmen under Amenhotep III, grandfather of the famed pharaoh Tutankhamun."