Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Are You Trying too Hard?

Step away from your Facebook, Instagram and whatever social media douchiness you were about to commit right now! You might be contributing to the growing global phenomenon of trying too fucking hard for your own damn good.

Staff Writer

Are You Trying too Hard?

We all know "that guy/girl" -- the one who spends hours sitting at home alone desperately trying to impress a sea of virtual friends in a vain attempt
to make up for his/her lack of real life compadres. And if you don't know someone like that, you probably ARE that person.
In other words you're quite simply trying too hard -
Typical signs of trying too hard include posting topless photos (male), duckface (female) and ending any status with 'feeling blessed' as though cyberspace should give a tiny rat's ass about your psuedo-awesome existance.
Well now there's an online tool - to basically tell you that you are a knob.
The site analyzes your previous posts, measuring how often you check in on various platforms, the hashtags you frequent, the number of times you mention your own name and the keywords you select. Using an algorithm, the site then determines your overall level of contrived online effort in the form of points.
The 'Social Effort Scale' works by measuring your overall "look at me" attention-grabbing narcissism and then berating you mercilessly for your self-indulgent status masturbation.
The app then brands your social media style as either “effortless,” “trying too hard” and “not trying hard enough.”
The stunt comes as part of a marketing campaign by deoderant-of-the-unwashed "Axe."
Campaign creative director Ian Reichenthal claims “It’s science!”
Here at CairoScene we say: "It's not"
Check out to give it a try.