Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Aura Arena: Sahel's Newest Nightspot is Set to Be an Explosion of the Senses

Sahel nights are about to get a little bit more electric...

Staff Writer

Aura Arena: Sahel's Newest Nightspot is Set to Be an Explosion of the Senses

Sahel season, we are officially good and ready. We've been ready for weeks. As soon as Ramadan ends, we’re going to witness our favourite spots in Cairo moving to Sahel and we are packing our flip-flops and inner party animals and heading out with them.

While our now very sober bodies are ecstatic about the mere thought of the long crazy nights ahead of us, the thing is, we know we will probably end up doing the same things we do in gloomy Cairo, with the same people, but in hot shorts and with way better tans. To get us out of this rut, new venue Aura Arena is creating a space in Sahel's Siesta Hotel where we can not only party until the break of dawn, which is paramount during Sahel season obviously, but also enjoy a myriad of creative elements and delve into a plethora of conceptual arts. The spot is basically going to be a hub for various performing arts as they'll be collaborating with a slew of local artists who will bring their own energy and talent to the mix.

“Aura Arena is all about you. Your aura is everything that comes from within; it’s the happiness, the explosion of colour, and the light that shines within you,” says the founder, who hopes to set new standards for the entertainment industry in Egypt and introduce an original nightlife experience. Opening its doors on the 3rd night of Eid, Aura Arena is kicking off the night with local decknician Hassan Abou Alam, followed by the Swedish Jeremy Orlander - dubbed the saviour of true Progressive House – and finally, the best thing to come out of Germany since Heidi Klum's legs, Stephan Bodzin will be electrifying the nightspot and the crowd with a healthy dose of Techno. 

So, what should we expect? Everything, apparently. There'll be a weekly selection of world-class international DJs and artists from all over the world, from huge names and mainstream performers in the entertainment industry to up-and-coming creative minds. The essence of Aura Arena is going to be all about progressive music and revolutionising the clubbing scene in Egypt. Seems like Sahel won’t be that basic after all.

For reservations, check out their Facebook page.