Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Bash Crashes Graffiti

This Wednesday, The Four Season's Graffiti is geared for an unforgettable party as Lebanese drum virtuoso Bash will take over the night with his own fresh take on House music in the Miami Midnight Matinee.

Staff Writer

Cairo’s nightlife is just as vibrant and energetic as the day, making a club or bar's wow factor a requirement. So where do you go when you’re looking for that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’? Well, nowhere other than The Four Season’s Graffiti, thanks to the new themed nights by Lebanese acoustic house performer Bash. We speak to the artist himself to get the latest… 

Bash the Crash (infamous for his ability to crash the nights of renowned performers, such as Swedish House Mafia, with his soulful drum) fuses the beat of his drum to the sounds of House music, and now he has a vision to revolutionize Cairo’s clubbing scene.

How does he plan on doing this? With his nightlife philosophy. "Nightlife is a night life. It has real character and real people who live for a certain moment for a couple of hours," he says. And with his vast experience in the party capital Miami, Bash and his drum are bringing Cairo clubbers a new era in house music through a series of twelve themed nights at The Four Season’s Graffiti. The first of these is taking place on Wednesday, September 24, with the theme Miami Midnight Matinee!

Let me set the scene. You arrive, and immediately you are drawn into Graffiti’s magic. The performers and bartenders have all morphed into ‘creatures’ (yes, you read that right), disguised in weird and wonderful ways, ready to guide you through the night. Ladies are treated to free shots all night long, served by a faceless mysterious silhouette at a luminous florescent bar, and the interior itself, that room you thought you knew so well, is cloaked in a cloud of mystery. 

As for the music, Bash tells us, "I want to give the crowd strength through music and art." And on Wednesday the man himself will be performing a fusion of his acoustic drum beats with house music. Accompanied by other live musicians, Bash is determined to show us all that "Nightlife is like a big theatre." Guest musicians are also invited to enjoy the event and perform with Bash’s beat on a few tracks. He'll also be joined by the gorgeous DJane Flori Eva, for a night that's bound to captivate your inner music junkie.

The Miami Midnight Matinee is steering clear of those monotonous House beats, and introducing us to a new era of House music. Graffiti is giving us a night filled with character and the 24th is destined to create a memorable experience where we can escape, live a certain moment for a few hours and forget about the world.