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Beetroot Is Growing In The Lemon Tree and Co.'s Place

The winds of change are upon us, and with them comes a major change to one of Cairo's favourite places; The Lemon Tree & Co. has been cut down and Beetroot is growing in its place...

With winter in full fledge we need something to keep us warm. Citrus fruit is a thing of the summer; beetroot on the other hand, with its dark, cozy, purplish hue, is exactly what you need to get you through this cold spell - and there's no better place to find it than at Lemon Tree & Co's new spot, aptly named Beetroot! 

That's right, Beetroot has opened up where our favourite bohemian wonderland, The Lemon Tree & Co. used to be, and there's no better time than now as the indigo vegetable encompasses winter in all its shades. The new spot's decor channels deconstructed chic, all raw wood blended with plush pillows, flimsy sheer curtains contrasting with vintage typewriters and Asian-inspired bronze statues, all the while maintaining the floral infusions that The Lemon Tree was known for. The colour palette this time around is much more sophisticated and subdued; all beautiful serene, earthy tones.

What will remain the same however, is the venue's ability to whip up a delectable array of international cuisine, all stamped with a distinct innovative gourmet touch. Their new menu, which they are creating from scratch, is going to be a culinary daydream - and will of course include dishes made with seasonal produce, including their namesake! And naturally, they will be dominating in the cocktail department, mixing up a whole host of tasty and tantalising drinks with a kick.

Winter is going to be cold this year; get cozy and warm at Beetroot. For more information find them on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @beetrooteg.