Monday September 25th, 2023
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Biker Beauties Set to Dominate International Female Ride Day

Last year's success brings fearless biker chicks back on the road, fiercer than ever as Egypt Female Bikers push Egypt to participate in the International Female Ride Day

Staff Writer

The International Female Ride day has been going on since 2007 and, thanks to Egypt Female Bikers, has been celebrated in Egypt since last year with great success. This Saturday, May 2nd, it will be celebrated once again with an epic display of female independence... Girl power, if you will. “I’m very excited,” says head of Egypt Female Bikers, Jessy Yehia. “This year will be much bigger with more riders; I never thought it would grow to such an extent.”

Egypt Female Bikers will be using the event to spread awareness that every woman in Egypt has a right to ride. “Our objective from day one is to encourage every woman who wants to ride a motorcycle to do so, for it to be a norm amongst our culture,” explains Yehia. You can sense how strongly she feels about the cause and how passionately she wishes to change the perception that a female biker is to be frowned upon. The community offers a haven for newbies and also attempts to spread awareness and change the negative perception about women bikers. Yehia tells us the number of female bikers in Egypt is steadily growing and this upcoming event will encourage even more women to ditch four wheels for two. She also explains that it will aid in tourism showing Egypt is not only safe but also super cool. More importantly it further encourages women in Egypt to secure their rights in public spaces. For this event to make a lasting impact, the group that started as a grass-roots movement needs further help from government and media. “I was so upset when a poll went up on Facebook, conducted by a private TV channel, asking Egyptians what they thought of females on motorcycles. Most of the comments were negative and the channel should have responded with a campaign that helps Egyptians see that equal rights are important," continues Yehia.

The Automobile Club (Nady El Seyarat) will be providing security and an ambulance car to accompany the riders which shows a positive step for female bikers in the wider community but more is yet to be done. The successes of this event will hopefully play a part in the continued effort of the Egypt Female Bikers in pushing for more females to confidently hit the streets. Ladies will convene at 8.00 am and hit the road at 9.00 to head to the beautiful and popular biker spot, Ras Mohamed, which is 32 km from Cairo. So all you ladies out there if you have a bike and want to participate Egypt Female Bikers will welcome you with engines roaring.

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Photos courtesy of Egypt Female Bikers' Facebook page.