Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Blue 40's Sensationally Spooky Halloween Campaign

Happy Halloween! The city's slickest vodka, Blue 40 unfurled their awesome campaign for the eerie holiday over this past week, featuring witches and vampires and mummies and more. Check out all the shots here.

Staff Writer

Halloween is hands down our favourite holiday. All other holidays pale in comparison to this one night where ghouls and goblins come alive - and go drink vodka. Upping the Halloween game this year was none other than Blue 40's sensationally spooky campaign for the eerie holiday

Drink vodka not blood.

If we give you a shot of sheer vodka perfection, will you promise not to haunt our dreams?

Don't get angry, get tipsy. 

Notice how the only gap in the bandages is at his mouth?  

It's the witching hour...