Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Blurr Is Bringing Mobilee Records' #LetGo to Cairo!

Blurr Entertainment is teaming up with Mobilee Records to bring you their infamous #Letgo series of parties.

Staff Writer

The boys at Blurr have done it again, this time inviting the prominent Mobilee Records to host their world famous party, #Letgo. Label boss Anja Schneider is touring the world showcasing her party night and, thanks to our local nightlife heroes, Ahmed Abu Samra and Coco Mokhtar, #Letgo is coming to Cairo. On the 27th of November, infamous party hotspot, The Temple, will witness what is shaping up to be one of the season's most revered parties. If you don't know who Mobilee Records are, get familiar!

After talking with the guys behind Blurr about what to expect, they were straightforward in explaining their brand as unpretentious; devoid of the pomp and circumstance which comes with certain parties in Cairo while still always drawing out the city's movers and shakers and bringing top notch everything. Mokhtar told us, "We are pushing forward the party scene here in Egypt as Mobilee #Letgo is one of the most demanded parties in Barcelona and Berlin. We usually take big risks getting you the lineups we get - check our last lineup at Blurrfest, for example." Abu Samra added that "the scene here is still young but it's on the right track, and we are here to make sure of that by making relevant bookings;" there's no one better to fit the description than a Mobilee Records showcase.  

As if Anja wasn't enough, you will also be seeing the maestro Aly B tearing it up on warm-up duty, followed by the phenomenal AND.ID performing a live set, paving the way for the "Queen" to wrap up this journey in true Mobilee fashion. Not only that, the guys at Mobilee are pulling out all stops, bringing the visuals for the night from Germany to ensure that Cairo gets the entire awesome #Letgo experience. By now you should be as stoked as we are, but we're gonna go ahead and refresh your memory anyway about the sheer awesomeness of this party series; check out these pictures from the last time Anja Schneider made an appearance at Blurr! 

For more information, check out Blurr Entertainment's Facebook page here, and Instagram here.