Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Bvlgari's Giving Out Free Special Goodies for the 12 Days of Valentine's

Bvlgari's teaming up with Kazoku to get you all in the Valentine's zone for 12 whole days. Along with a 1,000 LE voucher for every single diner, a special silver surprise awaits you INSIDE your food...

Staff Writer

A single day to celebrate love and get as cheesy as you want is just not enough, and Bvlgari contently agrees. They've been giving out FREE 1,000 LE vouchers since last Wednesday for all diners that munch on Kazoku platters or sip on drinks at their bar. They've also been granting two lucky diners Save the Children rings - which numerous celebrities have been spotted rocking to show support for the campaign - and donating parts of the proceeds to the foundation. All you need to do is head down to Kazoku, fill out a quick form, receive your vouchers, and enter the poll for a chance to snatch the jewels! ARE YOU NOT EXCITED YET? If you're miraculously chill and completely unaffected by the idea of getting your hands on some free goodies, they've saved up the big surprise for Valentine's Day.Upping their game a bit, there'll be 15 rings available for the taking on the big V Day, hidden in a special platter on Kazoku's menu. All we can hint about is that your sweet tooth AND your lust for sparkles should be satisfied by the end of the night (wink wink). In case you aern’t one of the lucky ones, you can still pass by Bvlgari at the First Mall to feast (your eyes) on their new Valentine's collection, Coeur. Oh, and one last thing, a quick heads up for the girls accompanied by their lovely dates on any of the days up until the 14th: you may think he's getting down on one knee, but then again, he might just be fixing his shoe lace.

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