Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Cairenes Most Likely to Experience Depression and Stress, Study Finds

Cairo residents are more likely to suffer depression and stress than people in any other city.

Staff Writer

A German study has concluded that Cairo residents are most susceptible to depression and stress, reports BBC Arabic.

The medical team behind the discovery came to that conclusion after researching the most livable cities around the world.

The conclusion was based on variables such as employment opportunities, noise, and traffic - so in a way Cairo was set up for a loss already, this study is clearly rigged! The Egyptian capital scored badly on all metrics. Shocker.

Cairo was found to be one of the least livable and most “exhausting” cities for its dwellers. The study also determined that the worse the traffic congestion in an urban area, the more likely its residents are to be depressed and that green spaces can reduce stress and depression.