Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Cairo Runners Are Running For A Cause

Cairo Runners are joining forces with Avon, Reebok, and more, to run in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE) this weekend. Lace up your sneakers...

Staff Writer

A lazy Friday morning is not considered one of the most productive parts of the weekend. How about spending your next one getting a bit healthier? Cairo Runners are hosting yet another one of their runs for all of you who are up for a jog at the wee hour of 7 AM this Friday the 27th. This run will be special in its own way with the collaboration and help of women's cosmetics brand, Avon, sponsoring the run in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE). The run will take place in Zamalek, where the Runners started on their very first path and continued to gain support from people all over Egypt.

Runners will meet in front of Imperial Boat's gates with two routes that fit your preference. The shortest route of 5.4 KM would be most suitable for first-timers and the couch potatoes among us; while the longer run will be 8.4 KM to suit those who have gotten used to the cardio and the spirit of the run. In addition to getting a whiff of fresh riverside air and sweating off some calories, you will also be cheering on breast cancer survivors out there. What better is there than to run for a cause? Get your already-empty schedules emptied, your Reebok shoes shiny and ready, and join Cairo Runners on another episode of their motivational workouts!

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