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Camel To Pick World Cup Winners

Move over Paul the Octopus, there's an Arab in town and he's ready to predict the future.

The World Cup is here, and everyone is making their predictions of who will take football's most coveted trophy. However, since the last World Cup, it seems that mankind has lost faith in its own kind when it comes to predicting the future champion.

Paul the Octopus gained global recognition at the last World Cup for his ability to consistently predict only winners with one of its eight tentacles. Not to be outdone at this year's World Cup, Dubai is following the trends of leaving educated football guesses to other species.

Introducing Shaheen the Camel; Dubai's answer to Paul the Octopus. The four hooved footie fanatic was discovered by a videographer. “Shaheen declared himself ready at the flutter of an oversized eyelash for the challenge of guessing the outcome of Brazil 2014 matches,” the Dubai-based Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper is set to have Shaheen the camel predicting the outcome of games starting Thursday. We aren't exactly sure if they will keep the charade up if Shaheen picks only losers. “Matching Paul the Octopus’s near-perfect record may be beyond the trusty steed, but only the most up-to-date camel-football-predicting technology will be used to determine who will lift the World Cup trophy,” the report added.

In this day and age, the world is filled with high paid football TV pundits that the people no longer care about or trust. Despite the insider information these analysts may have, the people have spoken and would rather gamble on what an octopus or camel think, as opposed to an overpaid TV personality.