Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Construction of Alexandria Metro to Begin within Two Months

After months of will they, won't they, the Governor of Alexandria has made it official.

Staff Writer

Governor of Alexandria, Abdul Aziz Qansua, has confirmed that the much spoken about Metro system in Alexandria will finally begin construction within the next two months, as reported by Al Masry El Youm.

Qansua revealed that final designs and blueprints for the project have been approved, with the metro line set to run from Abu Kir in the east of the city, to Borg El Arab in the west. The project will provide a huge infrastructural boost to a city most famous for its above-ground trams.The news comes after Egypt's Ministry of Transportation announced an equally significant monorail project in the north coast city.

The monorail project is said will host 10,000-15,000 passengers per hour with stations to be built at the likes of Raml Station,  El Mawqef El Gedid, Ras Al Tin and Al Montazah.