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Cookies of Mass Destruction: Bomb Squad Called Over a Box of Maamoul in Pennsylvania

Panicked customer calls police after finding a box of cookies with Arabic writing on it at a Pennsylvania gas station.

With tensions running high in the US following the explosion in New York City, the last thing the country's authorities need to worry about is boxed cookies. 

However, that didn't stop a panicked customer at a Pennsylvania gas station from calling the police on Monday after finding a box of Halwani Bros Maamoul Date-Filled Cookies because it had Arabic writing on it, according to WNEP-TV. The box also had the words "date filled cookies" written on it. 

Three police cars and the bomb squad unit were dispatched to the gas station in response to the report, and a nearby nursery was shut down. 

"State troopers came in and told us about it because we didn't even know about it. We were so busy and they shut us down from there and came in with the bomb squad," the station's manager Anne Wolfe told WNEP-TV. 

The overwhelming majority in Smithfield Township - where the incident took place - told WNEP they felt the customer who called the police was totally justified.