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Couple Split Over Pepsi Feud

Yalla now? More like yalla bye.

A long-suffering Saudi wife was shown the door by her heartless husband for... drinking Pepsi. The cola-crazy woman decided to tell her husband to fizz-off after he banned her from trying the tasty cola beverage.

The woman says that her husband was a miser who refused to splash out enough cash EVEN for a can of soda pop. However, the fiesty female was less than impressed and sneakily bought a can while her other half was at work. Unfortunately the hapless former bride left evidence of her crime behind causing her partner to hit the roof upon returning home. The man immediately filed for divorce, forcing the mother of four onto the streets.

The case is the latest in a long string of bizarre love splits coming out of the KSA. Earlier this year, the Kingdom launched a programme designed to help newly weds stay together and curb the country's rocketing divorce rate.

Saudi Arabia has an average of three cases of divorce every hour, according to official figures.