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Crash Boom Bang & Hassan Ramzy Live at Cairo Jazz Club

Hassan Ramzy and Crash Boom Bang are both set to take the stage at CJC for one seriously rowdy night!

Cairo Jazz Club proudly presents Thursday Night Live on the 12th of November with popular cover artist Hassan Ramzy kicking off the evening performing Acoustic Pop and Rock hit renditions, and engaging the audience to the hilt! They'll be followed by the very popular Crash Boom Bang, always bringing the essence of CJC’s party vibe back into the venue! With a new formation and lead vocalist in full force, they're mixing things up as usual with their combination of Disco, Funk, Swing and Dance hits. Guaranteed to keep Cairo Jazz Clubbers on their feet and in the zone, this event is certainly not to be missed by dedicated fans and first listeners alike!

A lively and engaging lineup ensuring that essential manic start of the weekend to ease off all that built-up stress over the week. Who doesn’t need a good tune or ten to dance to and shout their heart out? Gig starts at 10:30 PM, just in time for that November cool breeze to kick in. See you there!

Check out Cairo Jazz Club's event page here and website here.