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Currency Exchange Office Accused of Helping Itself to Customers' Money

Facebook user claims that the agent behind the counter at a Heliopolis currency exchange office pocketed EGP 300 from them.

A Facebook page named Masr El Gedida published a first person account of a fraud incident that took place at a currency exchange office. The post, which was published on July 27th, 2016, claims that the customer handed the man behind the counter EGP 7000 to exchange to US Dollars.

After he was done counting them, under the counter, he said the money was EGP 300 short. The customer claims they are certain they counted correctly, and did in fact hand the agent a total amount of EGP 7000.

The customer then asked to view surveillance tapes, and was told cameras were down. Later, when they asked to see the manager, the man behind the counter claimed he was the manager. The customer then proceeded to file a police report at the nearest police station, only to find another couple filing a complaint against the same currency exchange office, for allegedly pocketing EGP 200 from them.

So, there it is, your cautionary tale for today.