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Did You Know Selah El Telmeez Had an App?

Children are about to get a lot brighter with this digital revamp of the iconic educational game.

Remember those horrendous days when you’d sit around the sofra and endure the longest hour of your life answering grammar questions from Selah el Telmeez­ while watching the Arabic teacher sip on the tea and biscuits your mom made? Yea, so do we. Arabic lessons were a nightmare, and we always got the worst grades in class; however, we recently discovered a new application that will make your kids love studying. Selah el Telmeez­ has launched a game to make the courses slightly more tolerable. 

“We always see kids spending a lot of time on their phones, iPad,s and electronic devices, so we wanted to reach them through this type of medium,” explains co-founder Mostafa Hamdy. Today’s generation uses technology more than we do, and what better way is there than to reach children through games? “Examples that inspired us are Quiz Up and Trivia Crack. We decided to create something in the same direction, so we created tests that the students answer based on the Egyptian national curriculum,” he adds.

The more tests the child takes and the higher score they get, the more points they automatically collect on the app. The first student in each grade (grades 1-12) wins the competition, with winners announced on a monthly basis throughout the school year. Later, “a celebration is organised each month for the winners where they are handed out iPads and several other prizes,” Hamdy tells us. "Then, pictures of the event are posted on Selah el Telmeez and El Moallem Facebook pages,” he concludes.

Is your child going to be the next little Einstein? May the odds be with your little ones!