Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Dirrrrty Pop At CJC For Spinning Wednesday!

All your favourite earworms have returned for a nostalgia-filled evening at Cairo Jazz Club where Ramy DJunkie will be taking the musical reigns.

Staff Writer

Dirrrrty Pop At CJC For Spinning Wednesday!
How is it that a Pop song from like a million years ago still gets stuck in your head out of nowhere? Everybody at one point in life has woken up in the morning with some random song playing in their mind even if they haven’t listened to it in forever, groggily crawling out of bed humming a tune only to realise it’s a ’NSYNC song and looking around, panicked that someone may have heard. There’s no shame in it though. Pop music is engineered by the greatest scientific minds of our time to plant itself in the deepest, darkest part of our brains and wait for the perfect moment to strike and distract us from something we should probably be paying attention too. Don’t worry, though, there’s no use fighting it. Resistance is futile.
Embrace your earworms this Spinning Wednesday at the CJC with some downright Dirrrrty Pop courtesy of Ramy DJunkie as he digs out his mixtapes and provides an evening full of dancing and singing along to all the songs that never left your head. Get your Thriller on just before you realise that Backstreet’s Back with a vengeance at Cairo Jazz Club this Wednesday!

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