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Disco 7amra: A-Squared & Disco Misr To Spin CJC Into Musical Euphoria

Cairo Jazz Club is always giving us reason not to give up on the city's nightlife scene...

It just so happens that, since its launch, Cairo Jazz Club has striven to expose us millennial Cairo urbanites to all that is exotic and authentic in the realm of music, and this Friday is no exception as the Cairo nightlife powerhouse gears up to host Indie Dance and Tech House DJ duo A-Squared and local legends Disco Misr, who have made their mission to do nightlife à l’Egyptienne with their signature mix of Folkloric tunes and Disco/Funk beats.So now you know what to do this Friday when you realise you are doomed to the dungeons of unoriginal nightlife music - get dressed up to the nines and head on over to CJC!

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