Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Disco Misr to Steal the Spotlight at CJC

Ta3ala, ta3ala ya 7abib el omr. Disco Misr beckons and we're happy to oblige.

Staff Writer

Toodles Sahel and hel-lo beloved Cairo nightlife! It was good, it was great, it's over. We're taking our peeling tans and we-can't-believe-summer-is-almost-over selves to good old Cairo Jazz Club on August 31st for all-night boozing and dancing because arabi House gods Disco Misr are promising a night to remember.  

If you missed them in Sahel, you really messed up. They introduced us to the freshest beats from their new 'Short w Fanella w Kas' album at Club Central and now, luckily enough, these boys are the generous forgiving type because they're willing to give you another chance next week.

A little birdie told us that most of their new tracks are their own production from A to Z; every sound and little genius musical beat was created from scratch.

The uniquely original album is reminiscent to the groovy 80s/90s Arabic Pop classics. The creative duo even enlisted the help of amazing sax maestro Mohamed Labib's for Talaat Zein's Ta3ala and are planning to blow you away with their very own creations which they poured heart and soul into. 

So ladies and gents, here's a little sneak peek of what's in store for you...

Mark your calendar like your soul depends on it and it's totally okay if you show up in your fanella. And short. 

You can find more information about Cairo Jazz Club on Facebook and Instagram