Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Disco Misr to Launch Their New Album at Club Central's 'Short w Fanella w Kas'

Amr Emad and Mostafa El Sherif's new album will make you dance non-stop to the most nostalgic Egyptian beats at Central's new 'Short w Fanella w Kas' night.

Staff Writer

Disco is NOT dead. We repeat, disco is not dead and neither is the old Arabic music we grew up listening to! Disco Misr is keeping them well and alive on the dance floor with their funky infusions of both genres and quirky hip tunes. The DJ duo took it upon themselves to renovate music we all loved from the good ol' days and make them so danceable! Yes, mom, we are partying it up to Abdelhalim remixes and turns out we like the guy.

In a night invigorated with groovy tunes, with the jaunty A-Squared opening and closing, Disco Misr is set to debut their album in Club Central this weekend on Friday the 5th of August. While every weekend in Club Central has a fresh and crazy twist, Disco Misr's new album launch will take us on a trip down Egyptian pop culture memory lane. We're talking 80s and 90s commercial beats made hip again. Their night, 'Short w Fanella w Kas' is a witty word play on the 2000 Ahmed El Sakka blockbuster 'Short w Fanella w Cap' - we watched it more than we care to admit. Kas means drink in Arabic, thus adding a whole new PG18 playful spin on it."It's not always about 'the khaboot'!", Amr Emad from Disco Misr tell us, "We like to make people happy with our music. We remix tracks that people grew up listening to like Abdelhalim, Warda, Sabah, people like that."

Here's an exclusive snippet of their album that will send us all on a nostalgia fit and a dance mania!h

To learn more visit Disco Misr and Club Central's pages or call 01004240148 for reservations.

Photo by @MO4Network at #MO4Studios

Photography by Ezz El Masry