Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Dubai's Dancing Monkey

So it's not just Egyptians that exploit animals at nightclubs - the UAE is getting in on the abusive act, too.

Staff Writer
Dubai residents are going ape after photos of a chimp being paraded around a nightclub and being offered alcoholic drinks surfaced online. The monkey was snapped at the Gulf state's Vanity nightclub and images were posted on Facebook with the logo ‘Blackout DXB’ – the name of the club night. The monkey appeared in a series of three photos taken with various party-goers, including one snap where a reveler appears to offer the wild animal a drink.
The shocking pictures, which reminded us all too much of a similar outrageous act that happened here in Cairo, have sparked fury among clubbers and activists alike and raised questions about whether the incident has signaled a new level depravity for the oil-rich state. One clubber, Tiya Fazel, told a local newspaper she planned to boycott the venue following the cruel stunt: “It’s disgusting. Absolutely shameful. I know a DJ who says he’s ashamed to be involved in the nightlife scene in Dubai after seeing this.A monkey is a wild animal. You shouldn't even have them as pets. But to take it to a crowded club with lots of smoke, loud music and intoxicated people takes it to a whole new level.”
Many revelers are now calling for a boycott of the club. A female visitor at the club wrote on the club’s Facebook page: “I can’t believe my eyes. This is animal abuse, pure and simple.” The photos were posted on the venue's official Facebook site complete with the event promoter's logo. However, in the wake of the backlash, Vanity's management are now denying all knowledge of the sickening sideshow.
The club later posted a message on Facebook saying: “A client visited the club and managed to sneak in his pet monkey without the knowledge of the staff… the second a staff member noticed this, he/she informed the manager of the club who immediately removed the client from the club, and he has been banned permanently.”