Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Egypt Gets its First Solar-Powered Village

Egypt's Tayebat Workers Village in Bahariya Oasis will be the first of its kind.

Staff Writer

According to Inhabitat, KarmBuild, the only company in Egypt to provide solar technology into a building's design, is providing Egypt's Bahariya Oasis village with integrated solar panels, that are going to help in sheltering 350 people.

The senior architect on the project, Karim Kafrawi, says that solar panels in Egypt are often overlooked because they are deemed too difficult to integrate into buildings; however, in reality, the designs are going to provide the Tayebat Workers Village with sunlight energy and act as thermal roof protection.
He also adds that the panels will be embedded into the buildings unnoticeably, and that they wouldn't ruin the general view of the desert village from afar unless you tower over them. The use of sandstone was an environmentally-friendly choice, according to Kafrawi, who realised that it's sustainable in construction and has reduced the waste and cost of the project as well.

Egyptian deserts can often be excluded and looked at as unusable land due to the difficulty of power and energy reaching it, and this integration project will be a great step towards providing shelter, but also a sustainable living situation for the inhabitants.

Images courtesy of Inhabitat.