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Umrah Trips to Saudi Arabia May be Boycotted for a Year

Egyptian Tourism Federation member Aly Ghoneim called for all tourism agencies to boycott any bookings seeking Umrah.

Al Shorouk News reported that, last night, Aly Ghoneim, member of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, called all travel agencies to boycott Umrah trips this whole year during an on-air phone call with television show Kalam Be Feloos. Why? According to Ghoneim, it would be highly beneficial for Egypt's economy and would apparently save about one billion dollars.

He mentioned that all tourism agencies should take this initiative, and those who do not will be faced with legal consequences that can end up in shutting down their agency altogether.

It's unclear whether this is a call or an actual law now in effect but, either way, it'd be hard to implement in a Muslim-majority country like Egypt.