Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Egypt Launches WhatsApp Service For Metro

For some reason, Egypt's Metro Authority is setting up a special WhatsApp line for complaints...

Staff Writer

The carriages are too packed, the people don't line up for tickets, no one lets you out before they board... There is many a niggling complaint one can make about Cairo's metro and now we have someone to vent and make suggestions to in the form of the metro's new WhatsApp service set to launch today. 

"The purpose of this service is to raise the performance level on the metro which is used by millions of Egyptians daily," Ahmed Abdel Hady, Metro Authority Spokesman told news agency MENA.

Hoping to achieve "quick communication" between the underground train service's management and passangers, it's unlikely that they've considered the flood of emojis about to head their way

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