Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Egypt Makes Basketball World Cup

For the first time in two decades, the Pharaohs have made the FIBA World Cup, which started yesterday in Grenada, Spain. Tonight they play hosts in what's set to be an exciting match.

Staff Writer

Egypt may not have made it to this year’s FIFA World Cup, but for the first time since 1994 they have managed to make it into 2014 FIBA World Cup. Egypt is currently ranked 46 in the world for basketball, and unfortunately have been placed in a group of heavy weight contenders. The tournament kicked off yesterday and saw the dunking Pharaohs fall to Serbia 64-85.

The tournament is taking place in Granada, Spain and will be running from 30th of August until September 14th. The next Egyptian game is set for tonight at 11pm and will pin the Pharaohs against the Spaniards in what will surely be an exciting match. Spain’s team is led by NBA siblings Marc and Pau Gasol, and will be one of the teams to watch at this year’s tournament. Also in Egypt’s group are France, Brazil, and Iran.

As for Egypt, just making it to the tournament for the first time in two decades is a victory. Hopefully, they will continue to make Egypt proud through the rest of the tournament, but either way this team is bringing some much needed pride for om el donia.

Here are the highlights with the Serbian game, and if you want to catch the rest of the games, you can watch them online here.