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Egypt Specials: Nat Geo Abu Dhabi to Screen Brand New Series on Ancient Egypt

It's time to relive your childhood archaeological dreams...

Egypt Specials: Nat Geo Abu Dhabi to Screen Brand New Series on Ancient Egypt

Looking at Egypt through a slightly different lens, National Geographic Abu Dhabi is set to screen a brand new series, 'Egypt Specials, which delves into the world of Ancient Pharaonic mysteries.

With exclusive new historical, archaeological and investigative insights, the 4-hour special series features world-renowned archaeologists, forensic specialists and drone aerial shots broken down into five films, capturing Egypt with a brand new 21st century perspective on our ancient history. 

If that’s not enough to get your inner Indiana Jones excited, there’s more. ‘Egypt’s Sun King: Secrets & Treasures’ is a two-part 60-minute film packed with adventures uncovering shocking discoveries of tombs containing 30 mummies and the detectives’ journey trying to identify them and the mystery of their presence there.

‘Egypt from Above’, meanwhile, is a two-part 44-minute show that offers a new, fresh look on Egypt - from above. The show takes viewers on a ride high above the Pyramids and the Sphinx and then swooping deep down into the sea, all the way to Egypt’s proposed New Administrative Capital. We also pass through pigeon breeding competitions, as random as that may seem. The series continues in September with three more episodes.


‘Ultimate Tutankhamun’ looks deeper into the Boy King's death using modern technology and forensic investigation, while ‘Saving Egypt’s Oldest Pyramids’ gives us the behind the scenes story of the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, the impact of earthquakes and erosion, and the work undertaken to restore what was lost. The feature ‘The Egyptian Job’ takes us into the empty burial chamber of ancient Egyptian King Amenemhat III, where four experts reopen the harrowing case of the long-lost contents of said chamber, while the last feature ‘Time Scanners - Egyptian Pyramids’ answers all our questions to do with how the pyramids evolved from being simple mud-brick structures into the phenomenal and world wonders they are today.