Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egypt's Mission Ironman Wins Big in Barcelona

Egyptian triathletes trained long and hard through TriFactory at Sahl Hasheesh, and it all paid off as they brought home medals from the international triathlon. Now there's a documentary screening to commemorate it all.

Staff Writer

All it takes is some serious Egyptian ass-kicking at the Olympics and suddenly we're the biggest sports fans this side of the Nile. Soccer fans aside, now we're also cheering on weight lifters, wrestlers, and runners. Then there was this time – that is, now – a team of Egyptians went off to compete in the International IRONMAN Triathlon, kicked ass, and brought back some medals to make us proud. Ironman basically requires straight herculean level endurance; it's a 3.86 km swim, a 180.25 km bicycle ride, and a 42.20 km run, in that order – oh, and no breaks. We're exhausted at the thought, but after a nine-month journey of training sessions in Sahl Hasheesh, the Egyptian team was unstoppable. Watch their story here and admire, gawk, cheer, applaud, fall in love, or do all at once just like we did:It couldn't have been easy – these Iron(wo)men definitely had doubts about how far they could go and how to manage their time, but once they got into training, nothing could stand in their way. They took it upon themselves to challenge all obstacles, pack up their bags, and head off to Sahl Hasheesh where they were not only being offered world-class triathlon training but were sponsored to go compete at the International IRONMAN Triathlon through Sahl Hasheesh. How big of a deal is this whole thing? There's a full documentary that follows their path to success, Mission Ironman. Produced by MBC Hope, the documentary will be screened in Zamalek on the evening of October 28th – and the whole team is going to be there! Try not to be starstruck.
While the Ironman Triathlons happen internationally every year, The Trifactory was the reason they made an appearance in Egypt. Now The Trifactory is hosting its third annual triathlon event at Sahl Hasheesh on December 1st to 3rd – the biggest ever triathlon in the country, with five races to compete in. And while we don't think we're triathlon material by any stretch of the imagination, The Trifactory folks think anyone has it in them to compete in a triathlon. We may give them a run for their money – no puns, promise – and sign up for the games before November 1st and just hope for the best. Thankfully we'll be competing with our own age group, that way we won't feel bad getting kicked to the curb by the intense 60-year-old women who show up and battle it out for three days like it's second nature.