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Egyptian Artist Recreates Iconic Arabic Movie Posters

Designer Adam Abd El Ghaffar redefines Middle Eastern cinematic classics with visually stunning film posters.

Egyptian designer Adam Abd El Ghaffar rebranded iconic Middle Eastern movies with stunning poster designs, offering the world a tiny glimpse into the films’ plots, all while piquing our interest and mesmerising us with stunning yet quaint visuals as part of his Affiche Plaisir project.The uber-talented independent artist pulled off the mammoth undertaking of designing and conceptualising 50 posters for Egyptian and Middle Eastern iconic cinematic works, such as Youssef Chahine’s timeless masterpiece El Ard (The Land), and Naji Abu Nowar’s Oscar-nominated drama Theeb (Wolf). “I did it because I love films and, recently, the original posters have become a cliché that people don't respect anymore,” Abd El Ghaffar says.We love Abd El Ghaffar's creativity and the contemporary yet minimalistic approach these posters take on such iconic classics. If you're as enamoured by the concept as we are, the posters are now also available to be ordered online via Abd El Ghaffar's Facebook page.

Catch all 50 film posters here!