Sunday December 10th, 2023
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El-Tahrir Complex Building Will Be Transformed Into a Luxury Hotel

Downtown Cairo’s El-Tahrir Complex Building is about to undergo a dramatic metamorphosis from a monolith of bureaucracy into a luxury hotel, spearheaded by US-led consortium CairoHouse.

Cairo Scene

Ever been stuck waiting for your documents in the absolute monolith that is Downtown Cairo’s El-Tahrir Complex Building (aka Mogamaa El-Tahrir)? Of course you have. Well you might have previously heard that, with most government functions moving to the New Administrative Capital, the Complex Building was being transformed into a lavish lifestyle destination spearheaded by a US-led consortium CairoHouse. Now we have confirmation that this destination-to-be will also include an absolutely luxurious hotel!

Over USD 200 million in renovation funds will be used to establish the hotel, according to a new agreement between CairoHouse and the Consolidated Contractors Company, which will act as the general contractor for the project in tandem with The Sovereign Fund of Egypt.

In December 2021, CairoHouse - led by Oxford Capital Group, Global Ventures Group and Al-Otaiba Investments - bought the rights to rehabilitate the Complex Building for more than USD 180 million.