Thursday April 18th, 2024
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New Marakez Exhibition Honors the Late Khalil Gibran Through Art

We got a first look into the exhibition commemorating the works and life of Khalil Gibran through art.

Staff Writer

New Marakez Exhibition Honors the Late Khalil Gibran Through Art

Real estate development company, Marakez, hosted what could only be described as an elegant pre-opening for their exhibition "In search of a prophet: Khalil Gibran: A guide for our time" which honors the Lebanese-American author's universal message of peace and harmony.The exhibition - which runs from 18th of April to the 3rd of May - is showcasing the works of 18 contemporary Egyptian artists who've found inspiration in the writings of Khalil Gibran and brought his work to life through their paint brushes. We got an exclusive look at the invite-only pre-opening which was a tasteful affair bringing together Cairo's art connoisseurs, contemporary artists and admirers of Gibran's work. The exhibition expanded over three floors, with the Gibran inspired art pieces taking up the first two floors and an open air terrace with live entertainment taking up the third floor. 

In between the rows of hors d'oeuvres being distributed was a live rendition of Fayrouz's songs and an inspiring speech by Paul-Gorden Chandler, author of "In search of a prophet."

One of the artists, Hady Boraey tells us of his painting inspired by Khalil Gibran's The Prophet.

"It’s inspired by the protagonist of the book, Al Mustafa. Firstly, the word Mustafa holds a lot of meaning for me in that it's my dad’s name and the word to me, has an identity. Al Mustafa, the prophet's protagonist gives insights on the human condition among other things. And my painting is a representation of Adam and Eve, Adam being the beginning of humanity. It implies that Adam cannot exist without Eve," says Boraey.

Speaking to the 18 artists and a myriad of art fanatics, Paul-Gorden Chandler steps onto the podium to take us through his journey in finding Khalil Gibran as he visits the places where Gibran once left his mark. He's not the only one honoring the talented author's legacy, as Elisa Sednaoui - model, actress and philanthropist - ensures that part of the proceedings from the exhibition goes to charity with the Elissa Sednaoui foundation. The foundation - which brings art education to children in Egypt - pays homage to the authoring by ensuring that his memory lives on through their humanitarian activites.

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