Sunday July 14th, 2024
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Faia Younan Finally Graces the Stages of Cairo

Egypt and Faia Younan will be meeting for the first time in her upcoming concert in Cairo.

Staff Writer

Faia Younan Finally Graces the Stages of Cairo

Faia Younan, the young songstress with that out-of-the-world voice and those piercing green eyes, is finally heading our way. Reminiscent of the timeless Fairuz, Faia Younan possesses a strong voice and ability to make a whole room shiver and marvel at her talent. We're pleased to know that she has set a time for her concert at the Cairo Opera House.Younan, who hails from Aleppo, Syria, and resides in Sweden, is described as one who sings about love and peace to heal the brokenness in nations ,and one who fights for social justice. A true embodiment of beauty and brains, she quickly gained a fan base in Egypt – you may have first noticed her Fairuz Medley video that went viral with over a million views.Today, she is expanding and growing, professionally and artistically, and we hope to see her make it around the globe and back, spreading all the love and light she emits from her presence and vocal talents – but, we'll see her here first! We trust that she, and the Reyan El-Habr band, will transform a regular Tuesday August 2nd into an unforgettable Cairo summer night – they'll set it on Faia.

For more information on her concert in the Cairo Opera House, visit the event page. For more information on Faia Younan, visit her Facebook or YouTube channel.