Friday April 19th, 2024
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Fifi Abdou Is Teaching A Two-Day Course in Italy

What better way to learn the art of belly dancing than with one of Egypt's most iconic dancers?

Staff Writer

Fifi Abdou Is Teaching A Two-Day Course in Italy

If there’s one thing us Egyptians are known for – aside from our immense appetite – it’s belly dancing­, and the master of this art is undoubtedly the one and only Fifi Abdou. 62 and still taking the stage by storm, the prominent personality that is Fifi Abdou is never at rest. Which is exactly why we we’re excited for her master class in the beautiful seaside city of Rimini in Italy on the 24th and 25th of September, 2016, according to Albawaba. Although we're equally excited about hearing her say khamsa emwah.

Whether you're at a family 3ozooma or your cousin’s engagement, you’re expected to dance and entertain. You might be sitting there smiling and innocently minding your own business, when abruptly, out of thin air, your grandma decides to pull your arm and toss you into the spotlight among a sea of people. Instantly, you’re stuck in with a circle of people clapping and waiting to be entertained. "Yulla ya hebebti er2osi!!" You might have missed the memo, but you’re the ra2asa of tonight baby girl and there’s no escaping it. A mix of emotion starts to fill you up. You’re pressured. You’re confused. You’re stressed. And before you know it, you blurt out the words "I can’t dance," and now, you’ve brought shame and embarrassment to your family.

You can prevent all this by attending Fifi's master class in Italy.