Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Fresh Buzz: Answering Your Travel Nightmares

Packing up and heading away for the summer? You know what they say - when in Rome do as the Egyptians do and stay fresh with the latest state-of-the art portable shatafa to hit the market.

Staff Writer

We've all been there. Packed your shorts, found your shades and printed off your ticket ready for another adventure abroad. Think, bye bye Masr - hello Mykonos, Marbella or Milan.

Picture the scene - you're strolling along a delightful Italian boulevard when suddenly, nature calls. You pop into the nearest cafe, squeeze your way into the restroom, finish up your business and all seems well.

Or does it?

Wait, there's no shatafa!!! You're expected to use... *shudder* just toilet paper! .

Well, let's rewind a bit - shall we?

What if you happened to pack Fresh Buzz? This portable posterior cleaner allows you to clean your unmentionables and offers you the convenience of a shatafa, just like back home.

Fresh Buzz founders Eslam Alaa and Ahmed Aref tell CairoScene: "The idea came as an answer to a lot of people travelling abroad really missing the convenience of a shatafa. Fresh Buzz is a practical solution to the age-old problem, making it the ultimate travel companion.”

"The main difference between our product and similar devices on the market is that Fresh Buzz offers the best water pressure on the market as well as a variety of container sizes," they add. No bullshit.

So the next time nature calls - answer fresh.

The Fresh Buzz travel shatafa is available through their hotline: 16289 or online from Jumia. It’s also available in store at On the Run and El Ezaby Pharmacies.

For more information visit their Facebook page here.