Friday April 19th, 2024
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Furbaby: Making Dogs' Lives Better At Home And In Shelters

Buy your pooch a cosy doggy bed and the money will in turn go to help other animals in shelters.

Staff Writer

Furbaby: Making Dogs' Lives Better At Home And In Shelters
It's weird when people refer to dogs as their children. Whenever someone is talking to their dog, saying things like “come to mommy” or “daddy loves you” it raises some eyebrows. But people love their dogs. They become an equal member of the family. An unintelligible, quadrupedal, furry, belly-rub-needing part of the household that sometimes pees on the carpet and begs for food. Having a dog is a lot like inviting that one weird aunt or uncle everyone has to live with you for about 15 years. 
We love our dogs and we want them to be comfortable. And since they can get kind of smelly it’s nice if they have their own furniture. A new Egyptian company called Furbaby has it all figured out. They’ve got fluffy, comfy doggy beds with removable and washable covers that come in multiple colours and are made right here in Cairo. 
They offer two sizes - 120 cm x 80 cm for 400 LE, or 65 cm x 55 cm for 275 LE - ensuring that the beds will hold even the hugest of dogs. We guess they could be used for a bunch of cats but, whenever you buy anything for a cat they ignore it forever and go play with a plastic wrapper in your sock drawer. 
Even better, all the money made goes to help animals at local shelters like ESMA, CART, and HOPE. So not only are you getting a sweet deal on a comfy spot for your own pooch but you’ll be helping out shelters while they help other dogs find forever homes. 
Furbaby’s beds are on sale at One Stop ShopTurath: The Egyptian Heritage Co. and Sami's FARM in Zamalek. Check them out on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @furbabyegypt.