Friday December 1st, 2023
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You Can Now Get All The Booze You Ever Wanted

We've stumbled upon an awesome Facebook page giving you access to imported bottles whenever you want, delivered to your door. Right in time for the weekend...

Staff Writer

Ah the age-old Egyptian drinkers’ dilemma: where to get bottles. It’s not like you can stroll into any supermarket – LIKE EVERY OTHER nation in the world – and pick up a bottle of Absolut for your party tomorrow. You either have to do some elaborate sales acrobatics to get a hold of the brothers Ramon, which consequently have a grand total of six options and charge you an extortionate price for a bottle you didn’t even want. OR you have to participate in the epic race against time to get your bottles from Duty Free within three days – if and when someone returns from travelling to lands that actually allow you to buy bottles like a normal human being and not like you’re a crack head trying to score a hit from a dealer in a dark street. Or you get ID. If that’s what you’re into.

However, we came across a nifty new service in the city that will procure for you whatever bottle you want. YES, IT IS TRUE, DO NOT PEE YOUR PANTS. With Bottle Service Egypt, founded and started by Marwan Salama, you just have to call them up a day in advance and let them know what bottle you want – anything available at Egypt’s Duty Free. That then gets delivered – delivered! – to you the next day for a price that’s not equivalent to the Duty Free obviously, but is lower than if you purchase a bottle from a random dealer in the city. Think of it as a finder’s fee. “We have the same variety available at the Duty Free – my competitors won’t even really have options," Salama tells us. While a regular dealer will just shake his head and la2 ya basha you if you dare ask for a flavoured Absolut or Belvedere, Bottle Service has them. And how does one manage to procure such a quantity of bottles? Friends in high places that’s how. “I have a lot of connections…” Salama laughs, but we shall keep these confidential so we can continue getting our bottles from him. Is all this strictly legal? “Yes, because I don’t keep any quantity of bottles on me – people call, I get what they need for the next day and it’s delivered. I don’t store anything.” If you want a specific bottle that isn’t available at the Duty Free in Egypt, fret not, they’ve got you covered. “If you want Absinthe, Patron, a special bottle you can’t find here, we can get it for you, but we need a week’s notice,” Salama explains.

So far they’re sticking to y’know, friends of friends, that sort of thing, but they have a Facebook page you can check out here and message for more info.  And there you go. You’re welcome.