Saturday June 10th, 2023
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Hungary Invades CJC With Cirkusz-KA

Cirkusz-KA, the Hungarian folk/jazz duo, is being joined by Egyptian musicians for their performance at Cairo Jazz Club tomorrow night.

Staff Writer
In collaboration with the Hungarian Embassy in Cairo and the Balassi Institute, Cairo Jazz Club is bringing Cirkusz-KA to Egypt tomorrow night with their delicate, worldly combo of jazz and singer-songwriter folk. Hailing from the cosmopolitan paradise of Budapest, Cirkusz-KA create urbane, award-winning music that could sound at home and simultaneously exotic in many parts of the world. 
Vocalist Anna Szlávics and guitarist Tamás Rock, who collaborate to write and compose Cirkusz-KA’s music, have employed a long list of guest musicians throughout their travels around the world. This time they're enlisting Egyptian musicians Ahmed Nazmi (bass), Mizo (percussions), and Mohamed Dessouki (oud) to bring a local flavour to their bossa-nova-infused jazz-folk.
Described as “dream-worldmusic” and as having “the sensuality of Fado with the energy of Tango,” Cirkusz-KA, in whatever incarnation you happen to catch, is an emotional and intimate experience. The soft vocal melodies over the classical guitar work are evocative of a more subtle era of music, before bass-drops and electronic beats and buzzing took over the airwaves. 
Filling out the night is beloved Egyptian singer-songwriter, Abu. Popular for his unique soft styles and witty acoustic sets, Abu is the perfect pairing for an evening of culturally inspired music that is a rare treat for hungry - or should we say hung-ary - ears. Those looking for a genuine world-jazz experience could do no better than to get to Cairo Jazz Club tomorrow. 
For more information on this event and what to expect visit the event page here.