Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Party till you drop with UK's I-DROP at Kempinski this Weekend

International and local DJs are going to keep us on the dance floor all night long.

Staff Writer

UK-based I-DROP Events is planning the perfect getaway for you to dance your heart out starting the evening of April 19th at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski. For those of you worn out from the dull working hours, this is your opportunity to unleash the rockstar in you. In association with Phoenix Entertainment, I-DROP Events is launching the start of Egypt’s Electronic Dance season, aiming to promote Egypt to the international community as a hub for the music life, while at the same time, showcasing Egypt’s ancient monuments, seaside resorts, sandy beaches and modern cities.

The party is going to get rolling starting 6 pm till midnight at Kempinski’s Terrace, with a line-up of international DJs such as ARTBAT - the Ukrainian duo of Artur & Batish, AARYON and TORY, who are coming from around the world just to indulge you in their famous world of music.

Just when you think it can’t get better... it does; because the party continues from midnight till the early hours of the next day, at the second venue in Kempinski; the 3am Club. This is where a phenomenal group of local DJs take over - DOZEE, KARIM SEDRAK and Nile FM presenter CARLOS will get you hyped up dancing till the next day!

With this combination of marvelous DJs, the crazed spirit, and exciting environment, you definitely do not want to miss this chance!

For more on I-DROP, check out their Instagram and make sure you keep up with the event through Facebook!