Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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ISIS Goes to Hollywood

In continuation of their online terror campaign, ISIS have released a disturbing Hollywood-style propaganda video threatening to bomb the White House…

Staff Writer

ISIS militants have released a sickening Hollywood-style propaganda video threatening to bomb the White House.

The slick video shows a masked man apparently about to shoot kneeling prisoners in the head before cutting to shaky footage of the White House filmed from a moving vehicle.

Meanwhile the clip also features footage of US President Barack Obama promising not to involve US troops in further fighting. The twisted video shows US troops being killed in action.

The video was released despite reports that cowardly militants have gone underground since the US announced plans to launch air strikes against the group. One resident told Reuters, "They only meet in very limited gatherings.

"They are trying to keep on the move," said one Raqqa resident, communicating via the internet and speaking on condition of anonymity because of safety fears. "They have sleeper cells everywhere," he added.

Meanwhile, another resident said, "ISIS is now carrying out tactical defensive moves by relocating their assets to different places so that their heavy weaponry is not all concentrated in one place."

US military officials today announced "a persistent and sustainable campaign" against ISIS in Syria.