Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Iconic Downtown Cairo Cosmopolitan Hotel Gets A Makeover

Part of a wider plan to revive the historic Downtown area.

Staff Writer

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Downtown Cairo, a giant among the historical district’s buildings is being fully renovated, according to Mantiqti.

Sitting in the Stock Exchange Triangle, the hotel was originally opened as The Metropolitan in 1923 and was designed by Italian architect Alfonso Sassoon.

The old building’s resuscitation comes as part of a plan to renew the whole Stock Exchange Triangle, as the building is straddled by important structures like The Central Bank of Egypt, the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and the Egyptian Radio House.

The project also promises the return of the once-vibrant “Stock Exchange Cafes”, which were all closed by a government decision in August 2014. The ambitious plan is part of a new phase of the wider revival of Downtown Cairo.

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