Friday May 24th, 2024
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Introducing GivingLoop, an Arab Platform to Help Nonprofits Fundraise Online

Zoomaal introduces GivingLoop, an Arab online crowdfunding service specifically tailored to fund nonprofit and civil society organisations.

Staff Writer

Introducing GivingLoop, an Arab Platform to Help Nonprofits Fundraise Online

If NGOs and social initiatives were people, they’d be that one college friend from your social group who takes the high road rather than get down and dirty with the big corporations after graduation, only to end up destitute and alone. Admirable as it sounds, the high road can be lonely and squalid if you don’t have big donors willing to write you big fat checks every now and then, which requires a lot of big donor ass-kissing, which in turn can be very, very unpleasant.

If you’re one such civil servant struggling to fund your projects while also maintaining your human dignity, the Arab version of online crowdfunding site Zoomaal is introducing GivingLoop, a platform where organisations are given the necessary resources to support their causes and fill their funding gap.  

“NGOs impact a lot of people and they have a big community. They’re doing a lot of big work and, at the same time, they have to dedicate a lot of their time to find financing by applying to grants and getting big donors. We just want them to focus on doing good; we want the masses to be responsible and engaged in what the NGOs do,” says Nour Atrissi, Co-Founder at GivingLoop and Vice President of Growth at Zoomaal.

What’s the difference between GivingLoop and traditional crowdfunding? This new project has monthly donations, which will secure sustainable funds for nonprofits. Additionally, it ensures that NGOs receive the funds they have raised online in less than 24 hours. And because trust is usually the one thing standing between you and your check, GivingLoop has a transparency feature integrated in it, which cancels donors’ subscription automatically if they don’t receive monthly impact reports.

GivingLoop has received applications from NGOs and social initiatives from all over the world. Among the organisations that have applied are groups dedicated to education, healthcare, refugees, and social initiatives like architecture and civic engagement, all of which are sectors vital to economic and social development.

You can help make their jobs easier and their efforts more effective. Sold? 

Find out more about GivingLoop here.