Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Is Your Voice Too Sexy?

A Saudi Arabian professor claims women shouldn't work in call centres, as their sales pitch voices might be too hot for men to handle...

Staff Writer

Are you a woman working in a crappy call centre? - well then you're facing a hell far worse than the one you're already in, a Saudi scholar claims. Jurisprudence professor Abdul Aziz Al Fawzan says the fairer sex run the risk of being begged for sex by horny men - because there's nothing quite as sexy as new washing machine or someone poorly explaining why your new mobile phone isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, right?

He said: “Such jobs, because of their nature, could result in grave problems for women. When women call men they do not know in their homes or offices and use a soothing and coquettish tone of voice to make them accept specific offers, we have a serious problem because the conversation could ultimately lead to soliciting and blackmailing. Women need to be extra cautious and avoid working for such companies that want customers to swallow baits.”

 “From a religious point of view, the companies themselves should avoid recruiting women to do their marketing with strange men because they put them at the risk of being harassed or becoming subject to vulgarities by some people whose religious values are weak and who lack good manners.” 

Of course, like many of his contemporaries, Al Fawzan believes that women should be the ones to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate the habits of the country's creepy population.

In a strange twist, we kind of agree with Al Fawzan - except (in the name of equality) we'd also call for men to quit trying to sell us stuff we don't need at ridiculously inappropriate hours - and for the last time - PLEASE REMOVE OUR NUMBER FROM THE DATABASE.