Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Jupiter will Be Blessing Egypt’s Skies for all of September

We’ve been astronomically lucky this year, witnessing the Blood Moon and Venus, with Jupiter being the latest addition.

Staff Writer

The Astronomical Society of Jeddah (ASJ) stated that Jupiter will be visible for the Arab world to see throughout the month of September – with Egypt included in the list.

According to ASJ, Jupiter has been edging closer towards the sun, and will “be observed highest up at night in the Arab sky” this month. The planet is the second brightest in our solar system, following Venus.

Earlier this summer, Egypt had witnessed the longest lunar eclipse of the century, although the results were not as impressive as we might have wanted them to be. We reportedly also saw Venus, according to a statement coming from Ashraf Tadrous, the head of National Institute for Astronomical Research.

Main image from Mirror.