Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Keif Café Shuts Down While Murderer Confesses to Crime on Egyptian Television

In a satellite interview with Amr Adeeb, the suspect in the Keif Café murder said he stabbed the victim, Mahmoud Bayoumy, twice while trying to break up a fight.

Staff Writer

The killer of Mahmoud Bayoumy, the young man who died at Keif Café right after the Egypt vs. Cameroon soccer game, has been identified.

According to Sada El Balad, Bayoumy's father said that the suspect, identified as Amr Moustafa Hussein, who works at the restaurant, fled the scene after striking the victim using a sharp instrument, following an argument over the bill.   

The victim's friend, who was present at the time the crime took place, said the workers at the restaurant wouldn't let them leave the establishment after the game until the bill was paid. After settling the tab, they were allowed to leave through a backdoor, where there was another argument with the employees of the restaurant which turned violent and resulted in the victim being stabbed twice. Following public outrage, the establishment has been shut down, according to Al Watan.

Sources have revealed to Akhbar Al Youm that the café is owned by Lebanese singer Assi El Hilany.    

In a satellite interview with Amr Adeeb on his OnTv talk show, the suspect said that he was trying to break up a fight and that he stabbed the victim in self defence.