Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Little Monsters: Lady Gaga Speaks Out on ISIS

The latest celebrity to speak out against the militant group says it makes her scared.

Staff Writer

Lady Gaga has revealled one of her biggest fears - Islamic terror group ISIS. The Poker Face songstress, 28, made the confession just days after she was spotted wearing a veil while shopping in Turkey.

She told Associated Press:“It makes me scared when I hear that there’s pro-ISIS rallies in America because I think that social media has created this sort of negative undertone in the universe.”

Meanwhile Basketball legend Denis Rodman has been forced to deny reports that he is going to the Middle East to meet with the leader of the terror group. Rodman made the statements after a satirical report published in the National Report, suggested that former NBA player was going to the meet the group’s leaders to "tell them what I think and maybe they’ll change their methods.”

“There’s a lot of things they are doing that just ain’t cool. I’ll tell them what I think and maybe they’ll change their methods,” the article read.

“I think my basketball skills will help a lot too, boxing people out of the paint at times when it counts, like the 4th quarter. I was thinking about getting a sweet ISIS tattoo to let them know that I mean business.”